Why You Need a Paid Search Audit

An Audit can uncover issues that were overlooked or neglected to improve account performance and save wasted budget.

We have audited hundreds of AdWords accounts over the years and never returned to a client to say “we found nothing”.  There is always room for improvement and sometimes massive improvement.  We don’t automate our audits, there is a real live human being scanning through your account.  Why is this better?  Because automated tools do not understand your goals and objectives and your target audience.

Our Process starts with Understanding…

  • Marketing objectives
  • Products or services
  • Target audience
  • Goals (form leads, phone calls, sales, etc.)
  • Goals that should be tracked to gauge performance

We Roll Up Our Sleeves And Dig Into…

  • Account and campaign settings
  • Budget and bidding strategy
  • Campaign structure to identify that there is strong relevance.  If the Campaign is marketing orange, black and red boots are there individual adgroups for orange, black and red boots?  We would want to see the orange boot adgroup contain orange boot ad copy, orange boot keywords and land visitors on the orange boot landing page.
  • Ad Copy quality, Click Through Rate, ad delivery and number of ads in each group
  • Keyword quality, match types (including negatives) and search query data
  • Landing page quality
  • Device performance
  • Dayparting
  • and more….