Google Ads Budget Planner

It seems they have created a new tool to analyze your current Google Ads campaigns budgets and what impact on performance budget adjustment will provide. I am not seeing it all my Client accounts yet.

Once you enter the tool select a forecast period, a metric such as conversions or clicks and then a target which is optional.  Targets include Conversions, Spend or Average Cost Per Acquisition.

If your budget is already optimal the tool will let you know but if not there is an option to improve the plan.

Once you visit the improve plan section you can modify the budget and compare the existing settings to the planned settings to compare performance.

The important question is how are these forecasts calculated and this is what Google has to say:

Forecasts are directional. They’re calculated using recent campaign history and data from auctions and are updated every 24-48 hours.

Seasonality is key. Holidays and other seasonal traffic are taken into account depending on your business type and location.

Timing affects accuracy. The closer the forecast is to the campaign start date, the more accurate it becomes. Keep an eye on your campaigns and adjust budget plans as needed.

Pretty handy tool in my opinion. I hope to see it in all my Client accounts soon.