Google Ads Keyword Planner – Refine Keywords (beta)

Google ads added a new feature in beta to the Google Ads Keyword Planner named Refine Keywords. It is a pretty cool feature that allows you to easily refine the discovery of new keywords.

Discovered keywords are refined into ‘Concept Groups’. For instance, the discovery on the search term “shoes” refined the keyword into the top categories Brand or Non-Brand, Shoe, Gender, Color, Others.

From there each Concept Group has subcategories. Brand and Non-Brand for example display non brand keywords and brands such as Nike, Adidas, Jordans, Vans and much more. You can easily remove a sub category category of keyword you are not interested in collecting discovery data for.

Retailers are also included.

In the Shoe Concept Group you will find a variety of types of shoes such as sport, running, boots, and more.

The gender and color Concept Group is pretty self-explanatory and there is also an ‘Others’ Concept Group that covers concepts like work shoes, infant, and more.

The Discovery of different keywords generates different Concept Groups. Discovery on the search term ‘books’ brought up Concept Groups such as Author and Genere in addition to other Concept Groups.

The search term ‘dry skin lotion’ brought up even more Concept Groups.

I really like the addition of this new feature. It makes it much easier to generate a clean, relevant list of keywords to research.

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