Clink Digital Marketing is a Google Partner Agency

Search Network
One extremely effective way to get your message in front of customers at just the exact moment they are looking for you is through PPC marketing.  The reason is the high amount of intent as potential customers actively search using keywords for the types of services or products you offer.  Persuasive ad copy with a strong call to action drives potential customers to your website.

Display Network

The Display Network offers the ability to place advertisements alongside content that is relevant to the services or products you offer and can be a match made in heaven when managed properly.  Additional targeting options on the Display Network allows us to laser target your audience. This advertising can be accomplished through banner, text and video ads.


Re-engaging with people who have visited your website to keep your brand front and center.  Remarketing strategies can be implemented for campaigns such as:

  • Re-engage with people who have previously visited your website to encourage them to complete the checkout or contact process.
  • Re-engage with existing client to make a repeat purchase.
  • Keep your brand visible to your customers.
  • Expand your reach through utilizing Similar Audiences. Google’s artificial intelligence analyzes your current website visitors online behavior and interests and builds lists of people who share these traits.

YouTube Ads

Video advertising is extremely compelling.  YouTube offers a variety of ad formats and targeting options to place your ads in-front of high-quality prospects across YouTube and the Display Network.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a perfect place to showcase products for sale. A well-constructed merchant center feed combined with a highly optimized campaign can place your products in front of your customers at just the moments they are looking for them.

Not sure where to start?  If you have an existing paid search account let us provide you with a free audit and identify missed opportunities.

Let us provide you with a free audit of your current marketing strategy and implementation to identify areas for improvement, missed opportunities and lower than optimal return on investment.  19 years managing Paid Search account has given us the ability to efficiently audit and provide findings and recommendations that will improve your performance.  Contact us Today.